Casablanca: dismantling of network of money forgers

The suspects used sophisticated equipment to replicate banknotes.

A network that falsified banknotes was dismantled in Casablanca, after an operation led by the elements of the Directorate-General for the national Security (DGSN), in collaboration with the General Treasury of the Kingdom and Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM). According to Al Massae are more than 13 million counterfeit notes withdrawn before 2017, an increase of 19% compared to 2016.

According to BAM, the total value of counterfeit notes 9.1 million dirham. It should be noted that most counterfeit notes of 100 and 200 dirham, which 57% and 26% respectively of the total catches.

For attention not to pull, the counterfeiters used their counterfeit notes in the different cities of the Kingdom. They were brought to trial at the Court of appeal for the creation of a criminal gang, the counterfeiting of banknotes and the possession of material used in counterfeiting operations.