Waterspout off the coast of Rabat (video)

Citizens in Rabat responded pleasantly surprised at the sight of this natural phenomenon.

A waterspout is a small funnel-shaped trunk caused by fast rotating air movements over open water. This water up. If such a trunk the water surface and water soaks up, this phenomenon is called a waterspout. A waterspout is typically a relatively harmless form of a tornado. Top country loses the hoos usually his strength. Only in rare cases retains the waterspout sufficient power along the coast to cause accidents and damage.

In Rabat, the waterspout happy in the open sea and came across this not on land. There were no material damage or casualties reported.

[video = youtube; 4viyb0r1DE0] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 27 & v = 4viyb0r1DE0 [/video]