Master scammer arrested in Tangiers

The man was among other things in the possession of various fake university degrees and an administrative stamp of a doctor.

The judicial police brigade in the district of Beni Baig in Tanger arrested a 41-year-old man for alleged involvement in scams and fraud, reported the Directorate General of national security (DGNS).

The search of the House and vehicle from the man resulted in the seizure of 12 wireless communication devices, 45 false journalistic press cards, student cards of the Faculty of law, as well as 17 maps of fictional civil associations and 6 false University certificates and diplomas with the name of the culprit, specifies the DGSN in the statement.

The suspect was arrested in possession of a military CAP, an administrative stamp on behalf of a physician, as well as a dozen electronic devices including tablets, computers and mobile phones, added the statement.

The man was placed in police custody at the disposal of the investigation to the ins and outs of this case and to all crimes that he might have committed or in which he would be involved, connect same source.