Repatriation Moroccans from Libya suspended

More than 250 Moroccan migrants stay still in detention centres in Libya.

As a result of an investigation by Moroccan security services, in cooperation with their Libyan counterparts, the repatriation of about 254 Moroccan migrants staying longer than three weeks in detention centres in Libya will be held postponed.

According to the weekend edition of Akhbar Al Youm are about sixty Moroccan nationals suspected of involvement in the terrorist organization Daesh. In this context, there are in-depth investigations carried out by the Moroccan security forces in cooperation with the Libyan authorities to identify and locate these persons on the territory of Libya. Because these citizens are no longer housed in centres for the reception of illegal immigrants, but would be isolated in other places which are controlled by armed militias and all kinds of smugglers.

According to Al Akhbar there were reports about Moroccan nationals residing in Sabratha arrived from Libya through southern Algeria. This area is very risky because of the presence of militias and armed groups engaged in all forms of trafficking in human beings. The same sources doubt the networks behind the arrival of this Moroccan nationals on Libyan territory, especially Sabratha, a new stronghold of the terrorist organization Daesh.