UN calls for reducing tensions in Guerguerat

The Polisario performing illegal armed activities in the buffer strip.

After a series of illegal armed operations carried out by the Polisario at Guerguerat, called UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Morocco and Polisario to "maximum" restraint to further escalation in the region occur.

In a statement on Saturday 6 January the UN Chief expressed his deep concern about the rising tensions near the buffer strip. The statement came only a day after Morocco had addressed a letter to the UNITED NATIONS, in which it was urged to intervene m.b.t. the illegal activities of the Polisario in the region.

Guterres stressed that the withdrawal of "the Polisario Front elements from Guerguerat 2017 in april along with the earlier withdrawal of Moroccan elements from the area, was crucial for creating an environment conducive to was for the resumption of dialogue under the auspices of his Personal Envoy, Horst Kohler. "

The Secretary-General of the United Nations calls according to the statement the parties in dispute to "maximum restraint and avoid escalating tensions".

While the separatist group recently trucks that are registered in Morocco has stopped and blocked them to the Moroccan-Mauritanian border to cross, said the UN that "regular civilian and commercial traffic should not be impeded and there no action should be taken, which may involve a change of the status quo of the buffer strip. "

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