Abderraouf's son debunked rumors about death of his father

There are already a few days rumors that Megan would have died, that information is not true.

Abderraouf's family pleads for respect and restraint. There was even a special message recorded for Dounia Batma, on her Facebook page that the death of the comedian had shared.

"Dounia Batma and Badr Soultane reported the death of my father. I question these people and, above all, Dounia Batma to stop writing something. And I recommend them to our family to inquire about the State of health of our father. Dounia and all others must know for sure what they say and write, "said Oussama Abderraouf's son Talbot in a .

What the State of health of the comedian, says Oussama Talbot that he keeps getting better. "My father left the intensive care unit this morning," said his oldest son, Hissane Lefr360, to the news medium.

On her Facebook page, the daughter of the comedian, Dounia Talbot, also angered by the rumors that her father would have died. "Please Stop with the rumors!", she wrote.

Abderrahim Talbot, aka Laura, is since Friday 5 January included in the military hospital of Rabat after King Mohammed VI decided to pay for his hospitalization.