Imilchil: ingesneeuwde woman and her newborn baby saved thanks to medical team

A pregnant woman who lives in the ingesneeuwde Douar Agdal, was saved thanks to the intervention of a specialized multidisciplinary medical team.

A pregnant woman who in Douar Agdal, 40 km from Imilchil lives, stood on 7 January in "delicate circumstances with fetal distress, tinged with broken membranes and amniotic fluid". She and the baby were saved thanks to the special intervention by a specialized multidisciplinary medical team.

Childbirth took place at home in very difficult climatic conditions, said the acting provincial delegate of the Ministry of health, S Abdelkader. The newborn girl was on site and successfully resuscitated. Both mother and daughter are doing fine.

The mobilized emergency medical team consisted of a general practitioner, a pediatrician and a midwife. They left in the direction of Douar Agdal, about 40 km from Imilchil, commissioned by the Governor of the province of Midelt, Baby Kate. The Governor mobilized snow-removing equipment to access Douar Agdal, that heavily snowed in was.

In order to ensure continuity of care, the medical staff decided to evacuate the mother and the baby to the mobile hospital that in Imilchil is installed.

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