Spokesman and lawyer family Nouri guest at Jinek (video)

Both Khalid Kasem, spokesman and lawyer, as personal injury Attorney John Bear last night could clarify the much talked about issue.

After last weekend worrying details came to light about the health situation of Abdelhak Nouri, the previously identified and possible concealed heart defect, undertook the family of the player in question immediately action. With a personal injury attorney in hand it is hoped to get clear what information is not shared with both family and whether any errors are made by Ajax and/or the KNVB.

As members of the family could spokesman and lawyer Khalid Kasem and personal injury Attorney John Bear last night at Jinek insight about the current state of affairs. One is busy putting together a report from which possible will become clear on what points the KNVB of Ajax has failed throughout the entire process.

[video = youtube; DVEGEo0U_sQ] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = DVEGEo0U_sQ [/video]

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