WORLD CUP 2018: ' Bond reserves 2 million for preparation v Atlas Lions '

An amount almost entirely comes from premiums paid by, respectively, the FIFA and African football CAF.

With the World Cup in the prospect is also issue the blown for the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF. Where it previously had to pull the purse for the World Cup qualifying premiums of the internationals, one will in the coming months in the pouch must pay all conditions that an optimal access to the final tournament in Russia allow. Several Moroccan media sources, including the usually well introduced Ahdath Al Maghribia, reported recently about the price tag on the preparation for this World Cup. There is talk of some 20 million dirhams in total, converted just under 2 million.

Of this amount, both the games as the training camp, which is going to be invested, paid in mid-May. In March wait two friendly meetings with Uzbekistan and Serbia respectively, v Atlas Lions never worked a match against both football countries. Just before the selection the plane picks up to Russia will find a extensive preparation place in Switzerland, the same country where 2 more times practiced is going to be. What opponents await the team of Hervé Renard is unknown for the time being, spoken about the larger European countries that may go.

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