Ouarzazate: Professor seriously injured after throwing acid in face

A horrible cowardly deed in the middle of the street where acid was thrown in the face of the man.

A new case of violence creates a stir again in the city of Ouarzazate, where a teacher was allegedly attacked with acid by two men on a motorcycle.

The teacher was attacked in the middle of the street where two men with hoods on, threw acid on him and fled. There were surveillance cameras near, which will be of great benefit for the researchers.

The victim, that severely injured his face, was later transported to the Ibn Tofail University Hospital because of the deterioration of his State of health.

The police is now investigating the case to determine the identity of the attackers, as well as the motives behind the attack. The researchers controlled camera recordings of a shop near the site of the attack in the hope to find clues that led to their identity.

According to the Moroccan Almassae newspaper would be one of his students are involved in the brutal attack.