False pregnancy: "Naima is not pregnant, her case is psychological ' (video)

Been a week long does a video on social media around of a woman with a thick moving belly.

Her name is Naima, mother of twins and living in Azrou. After 9 years she decided to break her silence, because she wants to know "what in her belly moves". Her story is already more than a week and doctors declare that it is a false pregnancy.

In the provincial hospital in Azrou doctors are unanimous: no fetus, Naima is not pregnant. The same story in Meknes and then at the University Hospital (CHU) Hassan II in FES. This 38-year-old woman was on site subject to medical examinations. Result: "I am again told that I have no problem. That everything is in order. I do not understand, sincere, and it tires me ", she told Le360 to news medium.

Professor Duncan Moulay Melhouf, head of the Department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University Hospital (CHU) Hassan II in Fez, explains that this is a false pregnancy. "This is indeed a very rare case, but scientifically proven. This happens in two specific situations: when a woman has a deep desire to have children and they cannot get it, or when the woman very scared to have a child after a trauma as a result of a miscarriage and this is the case of our patient " , he said.

The doctor adds that the swelling in the abdomen is the result of a contraction of the colon and digestive tract. But what about the movements in her belly?

"These are voluntary movements", says professor Melhouf. "The patient was moving, she was sweaty, which is part of the false pregnancy." This type of pregnancy requires psychotherapy. "From there, we asked the patient to return to the hospital for further investigations of the digestive tract and for psychological care."

Naima had an appointment on Monday 8 January in the hospital in Fez, but she came that day. "I'm still in Azrou, the roads are cut off [snow], I'm going as quickly as possible", she told Le360.

Naima has trouble getting the doctors to believe. "I can't stand myself say that I have nothing," she said almost angrily. In the meantime, she remains the roqia do, they prefer to believe she is possessed. "It exists, I have heard that women this kind of stories to tell a fqih", she said.

Chafik Calder, a gynecologist and head of the maternity ward in the hospital Les Orangers in Rabat, says he is surprised. "I don't really understand why this case is so important. It is a false pregnancy and required psychiatric care. During my career I have had similar issues. "

For the background of this story is below a video of Alyaoum24:

[video = youtube; FaY6-GnU6Lc] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 7 & v = FaY6-GnU6Lc [/video]