Canada: Islamic charitable organization helps homeless people who have been affected by the cold weather

Charity is an important part of the Islamic faith.

It freezes in different parts of Canada, especially in Quebec, where an Islamic Charity voluntarily including warm clothing, food and first aid kits to the homeless in Montreal and Quebec City, message.

The Mission of Islamic Relief Canada is to provide emergency aid to communities affected by disasters. This is the first time that the Organization carried out a relief operation in Canada itself, said spokeswoman Nora Shamroukh in an interview with the same Canadian newspaper.

In Montreal was Sunday started handing out hot meals, products for feminine hygiene and first aid kits. By the end of the next week the Organization will give away up to 500 winter packages, they include jackets, boots, hoodies (hooded sweaters), underwear, scarves and gloves.

In Quebec it will ' Islamic cultural center in Quebec ' (CCIQ), where almost a year ago a terrorist attack took place at the mosque that sits in CCIQ, monitor the operation. "In our faith are all homeless, without exception, people with which we are dealing and belong to grant aid," said Simon Mahedine, spokesman for CCIQ.

The date of distribution in Quebec has not been determined, according to officials would have to start within a week. It was last Friday with four reception centres worked together to draw up a list of needs.

"Every limb of man must every day that the sun rises charity do. Bringing justice between two people is a charity. Help a man with his mount, help him or his luggage there on loading is charity. A good word is charity. Every step you take (to the Mosque) in order to perform the prayer is charity. And anything harmful from the road removal is charity. "

This hadith about charity (sadaqah) is narrated by Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and is mentioned in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukharie and also in the 40 hadith Nawawi (number 26).

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