Casablanca: Taxi drivers demonstrate against Uber and Careem (video)

Taxi drivers demonstrated today in Casablanca against the fierce competition, which they claim to be, the victims of Uber and Careem.

The taxi drivers in Casablanca never won, they are determined to combat the competition from Uber and Careem. Today organized them (again) a demonstration in the center of the economic metropolis, organized under the auspices of the Moroccan National Union of the Moroccan Labour Union (UMT) Taxis.

"We express our discontent, for the umpteenth time about this unfair competition, we call on the authorities to stop it," said a protester against the microphone by Le360.

[video = youtube; ow1TOj2AZw0] v = ow1TOj2AZw0 [/video]

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