' Trump scores his 2000th lie '

With ten days to go until his first year as president, Donald Trump his 2000th misleading note or false statement.

He has exactly 355 days. The Washington Post has the misleading statements made by the American conductor (almost) a year long tracked in a database. Wednesday was the extent and became under the headline "Fact Checker" the 2000th almost festive. The newspaper has calculated that Trump every day of his presidency on average 5.6 false claims.

The president came what slow start, the newspaper said. The first hundred days of his Government, he came no further than non-deugende 4.9 claims a day and it seemed that he would not make the 2000 in his first year. But, writes The Washington Post, Trump the speed a lot. Anything not be ethical, was heavily exaggerated, downright lied was and as iffy gold was stored securely through the leaf.

The Favorites of the newspaper include: everything about building of the wall on the border with Mexico and the Visa Lottery for people who want to enter the US. Trump is already since he took office to say the least misprijzend about The Washington Post.

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