Jbel Irhoud classified as Moroccan national heritage

It's official, Jbel Irhoud is now classified as national heritage.

Jbel Irhoud is on the register of the national estate. The decision was published in the official State bulletin of 1 January 2018. The Decree of this classification stipulates that any work on this site is carried out, must be approved by the Ministry of culture.

Jbel Irhoud became world famous in June 2017 when the professors Ben-Ncer and Maul their work published about 300,000 years old dated human remains, "the oldest Homo sapiens ever in Africa or anywhere else are found".

The classification on the national heritage list aims to maintain the site.

Parallel to the classification the Moroccan authorities also have a development study. This includes the installation of standard fences and facilities for a better accessibility, says professor Felix Ben-Ncer.

jbel irhoud