The crocodile park in Agadir is extended with a cactus garden

The cactus garden consists of a plant collection with different copies, the oldest five meters away.

The cactus garden is the latest extension of the ' Agadir Crocoparc ' and consists of a plant collection with different copies the oldest of five metres and more than fifty years old.

The space was inaugurated Tuesday after a years work and is, according to the designer Luc Fougeirol, an extension of the tropical area. The new cactus garden is "a beautiful park extension on 4000 m2 with over 350 species", told the Moroccan news agency Fougeirol folder.

Crocoparc Agadir opened the doors in 2015 and is the first crocodile park in Morocco, consisting of a botanical garden, land and water. Located in the Centre of Drarga, this park is a place to learn and offers the possibility to learn more about crocodiles.