El Jadida: BNPJ and the Court of Auditors examine a project of 400 million dirham

The urban renewal project of El Jadida is still blocked.

The BNPJ and the Court of Auditors are closely involved in the urban renewal project of El Jadida. Magistrates of the Court of Auditors and researchers of the National Criminal Police brigade (BNPJ) have recently visited the city to understand why this project, which should be completed by the end of 2017, still blocked, please notify daily newspaper Al Akhbar

The BNPJ-researchers and the magistrates of the Court of Auditors have very detailed discussions with the engineers and technicians of the municipality and with elected municipal officials and contractors responsible for implementing this project. The investigators and magistrates have the City Council also asked for all documents related to the project and, in particular, explanation of the delay. The delay in the implementation of the project, whose estimated cost is $400 million dirham, is not due to a lack of funding. According to the newspaper, the city has a comfortable financial basis.

The inhabitants of El Jadida rely heavily on this project, hoping to see their city's face change and on to climb to the rank of major cities of the Kingdom. Main city of an important agricultural region, with a large tourism potential and close to one of the largest ports of Africa, that of Jorf Lasfar, we can say that the capital of Doukkala has the means for its ambitions. But, says the newspaper, it is the political conflicts between the old and the new leaders of the city that prevent this is achieved.

The new leaders of the City Council, as soon as they came to power, rushed to all projects that were initiated by their predecessors to cancel or freeze, including this ambitious urban renewal project for the city. Even projects that have already been launched are currently silent for unknown reasons. The City Council found it according to the newspaper not helpful to communicate about this.

The project focuses on the redevelopment of the city, the rehabilitation of roads, the development of sidewalks and the installation and renovation of public lighting in different areas.