Interior Minister speaks against high-profile photo Atlas mountains

The photo and the story around it would have nothing to do with Morocco, according to the responsible Minister.

In several parts of the country, the Ministry of the Interior the much needed prepared for the harsh winter time. Similarly in the Atlas mountains where the weather conditions around this time, rightly so pitiful. Quite recently, however, that intention was overthrown on social media in Morocco. On Facebook there was widely circulated a photo showing that a father by cold deceased son wegdroeg.

Through official channels, the Minister of the Interior are light on the high-profile photo. In a statement he says about this: '' this picture has nothing to do with Morocco. '' The imagery would be in 2015 by Arab media sources are already shot, this to illustrate the weather conditions in that region. End 2016 was the picture already used unjustly, at that time also debunked by the Ministry.

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