Most expensive gift received by Obama submitted by Mohammed VI

Obama during his presidential period received the gift which has an estimated value of $101,200

During his presidential period Barack Obama received several gifts from foreign Governments and public figures. Fox News has announced that the most expensive gift that Obama received during his presidency comes from none other than King Mohammed VI, the gift is in 2016.Various federal documents, which are released Wednesday by the Office of Protocol at the U.S. State Department have reported this. Last Friday reported the American news channel Fox News that the Moroccan King Obama had donated a gold-plated pin embellished with diamonds and rubies, a golden bag with an emerald and diamond clasp, earrings made of gold, diamond and other Gold with emeralds. The whole would have a value of as much as $101,200.Fox news also that Obama gives this gift not long into his possession has held, since American heads of State received their gifts often donate to the national archive.

mohammed vi