Public hospitals keep 24-hour strike in Morocco

The purpose of the strike is among other things to the working conditions which are regarded as increasingly worse to uncover

A 24-hour strike this week will be held in public hospitals. There will nevertheless be granted a minimum service as certified by Mountadar El Alaoui, President of the independent Association of doctors in the public service.There is also a sit-in planned for the Head Office of the Health Ministry in Rabat, gives Lefr360. Mountadar El Alaoui, President of the Independent Union of Public Service Physicians (SIMSP), points out that this is the fifth strike.The goal is to generally protest against working conditions that are regarded as getting worse. "We were with 12,000 public doctors, we are now with only 8500 and this is due to the collective dismissals have increased over the last few years," said the president of the SIMSP.Overcrowded hospitals, delays in making appointments, difficult conditions for doctors, and scanners and other legacy devices in public hospitals are some of the reasons that are given for this announced strike.In the list of demands of the doctors of the public service, one finds also the equivalence of the doctorate in medicine with the national doctorate and paying according to the salary scale that would come with monthly 15,000 509 dirham.The laureates of medical schools get paid according to the index in Morocco dirham 8600 336, this is the same for a student who achieves a master's degree, the trade union demands to add two numbers above the scale. After the strike of public doctors this week plans a national March on 10 February.