Ministry of transport: ' theory test applications may soon be online '

To image the industry to shine comes the Moroccan Ministry of transport with an extensive package of measures.

Through a press statement, the Moroccan Ministry of transport recently announced the new ability to request online theory exams and in planning. As of the 22nd of this month would be that option should be operational. But there are number of restrictions attached to this new possibility of the Ministry, so there may be within a driving school per examiner up to but 10 exams per month be requested.

Another condition to frequent abuse is the wait time between 2 exams. If a candidate fails the exam successfully, then there may be attempted only after 1.5 month.

To have the driving school not later than 20 February holders in the country the ability to exact data on their work to report to the Ministry of transportation. Means there especially on the number of vehicles what they use.

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