Casablanca: woman dancing battered secured

The case came to light when the 22-year-old victim in critical condition was admitted to a clinic in Casablanca.

An incident which is not an isolated case, in Morocco, it happens not too often that domestic employees are victims of excessive force by their bosses. So also recently in Casablanca, there was a 22-year-old worker in critical condition admitted to a nearby clinic. Only 22 years old and come from Zagora the victim worked for a woman in the economic metropolis of the country.

The suspect who has since also nabbed was not averse to using extreme violence against the victim. The doctors even went so far as to various conditions found in women, there is talk among other trauma and suffered third degree burns.

The father of the victim was recently briefly interviewed by 2 m, opposite this news medium he never gave. According to his daughter would have kept him aware everything for itself.