CHAN 2018: Lions v/d Atlas are gearing up for clash with Sudan (video)

After flow too have realized to the quarter final of the CHAN v 2018, the Atlas Lions Sunday as group winner crowns.

The team of coach Jamal Sachdeva has even more big win after the 2 parties emerged as favourite for the title profit of this CHAN 2018 tournament. After having won the opening game with 4-0 v Atlas lions, had no child to Guinea; 3-1 was in the end at the Stade Mohammed V. Man of the Match in that batch was Ayoub El Kaabi, the striker of RS Berkane took all the hits. Also in the opening game against Mauritania was he effectively for the purpose, 2 hits came when off his feet.

Upcoming Sunday may the team so the Group profit to itself. The team that also has qualified for the second round to them than wait state, Sudan.

[video = youtube; mtShS0ivDJ8] v = mtShS0ivDJ8 [/video]

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