Latifa Ibn 2018 Ziaten nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Latifa is committed against injustice and especially against warning of terrorism

Latifa Ibn is in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize 2018. The French-Moroccan is mother of the soldier Imad who has been killed in a terrorist attack by the suspect Mohamed on 11 March 2012.

who has made a website, ask the support of internet users for her candidacy. "The link to the website in support of the candidacy of Mrs Ibn 2018 for the Nobel Peace Prize is:" We need your support ", can be found on Twitter.

"Latifa Ziaten is without a doubt an important in the current French society, in a country where large economic differences and large differences in misunderstanding the population groups in difficulties separate. And where the population benefits from economic and technological progress, where people from immigrants from the former French colonial empire feel themselves discriminated against and rejected, "reads the text on the website.

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