Baby dies because parents cannot pay ambulance (video)

The question of whether the baby is still would be alive if the ambulance had transported the victim will never be answered

The versions are contradictory in the case of a baby who would have lost his life because his parents the fuel of the ambulance that had to evacuate to Casablanca, could not pay.The father of the little victim has yesterday posted a video on YouTube in which he tells his story. Born in Khenifra, the child was evacuated to the Hospital of Beni Mellal where he was taken care of a few days before he was told that he had to to Casablanca, the paediatric service of Beni Mellal did not have enough equipment.The hospital offered an ambulance to transport him, but the father had to pay 1,500 Dirham (about 150 euro) gasoline, so that his son could be transported to Casablanca. The family of the child had not this money and according to 2 m they had to wait for the intervention of a local association that it would pay to be able to evacuate so the baby to the Ibn free Wi-hospital in Casablanca, where he later will die. The father believed that the child would have survived if the child was evacuated in a timely manner.In a statement released today, the Ministry denied the words of the father. The baby, who was accompanied by his grandmother, "was admitted to the emergency room on Thursday 11 January and examined by a pediatrician at the children's ward where he received all necessary treatments, tests and antibiotics"."The baby was on 16 January in an ambulance by the Ministry of public health evacuated to Casablanca, four days after his arrival at the Hospital of Beni Mellal, where he will later death, gives the medium
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