Mobile app for Morocco to report dangerous situations on roads

The intention of the new version of the mobile application is reducing fatal accidents

The Ministry of transportation, logistics and Water has recently released a new version of the function "reporting incidents on the road" launched. The goal is to increase the safety of road users.Find more than normal on Moroccan roads deadly accidents, the purpose of this application is to the accidents to stop or at least reduce it.In this context, the Ministry of transportation, logistics and Water a new version of the application "reporting incidents on the road" launched. The goal, according to a statement from the monitoring Department, is to "an interactive relationship between the Government and the citizen, which latter the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of road safety".Thanks to this new service can inform the authorities about accidents and incidents road users on the open road and all sorts of obstacles which hinder the traffic report. The new application is all the more important because it allows users to the incident to Geotagging on a map (adding the place where a picture was taken) and the corresponding photo. "Once by the citizen, the incident sent automatically to the competent provincial directorate reported that verifies the reported incident and take the necessary action," admitted the Ministry.The "MaRoute" application was already launched in 2017 and offer different services such as, map view of events that disrupt or block the road traffic, and the reporting of road works. The hope by the extra addition to the application is that the Moroccan roads, one of the most deadly in the world, will be safer and the accidents will decline, reports the medium Lefr360.

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