Spain is 10,400 Moroccan hiring seasonal workers

Spain will take a large number of Moroccan workers who are temporarily in the agriculture sector will be

Spain will be a total of 10,400 Moroccan seasonal workers in agriculture mainly adopt in strawberries, and citrus companies will work in the agricultural season 2018.

The Spanish Government announced the news to following a meeting in Madrid on 18 January between representatives of agricultural companies and officials from the Directorate-General for migration, according to the Spanish news medium Diario.

The workers will take part in the strawberry and berries season, which will take place in april and June 2018. The seasonal migrant workers will return to Morocco after the end of the campaign.

Agricultural associations have sent a request to the Spanish Government to 16,000 seasonal workers, of which 10,000 are recruited for the first time. The preselection for the takes place from 29 January to 2 February.

The Government said that the priority will be given to seasonal workers who have experience in this field, who are married and committed to return to Morocco after the operation.

More than 5,000 contracts were validated of the Association or Producers and in Huvila, while 3,000 was validated for the Young Farmers '. Citruskwekers 1,000 contracts, while 700 were given contracts were validated for the Fali the and the Union of Small Farmers ().

A report that in 2016 was issued by the Spanish Coordinator of organizations of farmers and farmers (), showed that the Spanish agricultural sector depends on more than 200,000 migrant workers, of which a large number of comes from Morocco.

There are about 71,587 Moroccan workers in the Spanish agricultural sector and 59,830 Romanians. Both groups make up more than half of the total employees in the sector.

The Spanish countryside houses workers from different parts of the world. Most workers migrated to Spain from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Ukraine and Pakistan, along with others from countries.