Marriage of Swiss 60-year-old woman and Moroccan of 30 invalid explains in Switzerland

Ruth Peter wants to not let you down and will challenge the decision of the Swiss authorities

According to the Swiss authorities is the marriage of the 60-year-old Ruth Ismail and the 30 years younger Yadav a marriage of convenience. The marriage of the Swiss woman and Moroccan man was declared invalid by the competent authorities.Ruth Peter, the happy bride, was upset and wondered why the services of civil status refused to her marriage with Yadav to register. "I don't understand why the state our love refuses, we truly love each other!" gives them to different media.Ruth says she has come to know over the internet and Yadav began to chat with Younes, long before she was with her third husband. After the divorce she goes to Morocco to Yadav to visit and to ' out of respect for its culture ' to leaves.A few weeks later she goes back again to get married and to register their marriage at the Moroccan authorities. As soon as they wish to register the marriage in Switzerland everything becomes complicated. This is because the Swiss civil status against the marriage is and it does not want to register and cite reasons that marriage is contracted too quickly, the large age difference that there is and the German language that Yadav not powerful.Ruth is dead set against the unfounded according to her decision and will take steps to prove that their intentions are serious indeed and it is not a marriage of convenience goes, reports the news medium