Games: ' Moroccan bond serves Argentines 2 options for '

In addition to Uzbekistan and Serbia, games that are already fixed, the Moroccan Football Federation would like to see also the Argentines turn to their invitation.

All flat after Morocco's World Cup qualifying were on message, possible practice poster against the star ensemble of World Cup Argentina ganger. Now it turns out but again, after the message of Al Akhbar, among other things, the Moroccan media, FRMF that the Moroccan Football Federation in the background still busy trying to get this friendly game as possible. The League has recently made proposals to the Argentines, 2 the possibility is presented to them on neutral ground or in home country against the Atlas Lions v.

One can see the Argentines prefer took office on home soil against its own A-team, such a practice would the World Cup poster-bid of Morocco still more shine. Earlier it was announced that the League will draw about 2 million euros for the preparation of the A-team at the upcoming World Championships, from this amount would then be financed a total of 4 games.

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