Project ' A million school bags ' in Morocco provides more than 4 million students of school bags

The initiative in which less fortunate get a backpack with school telling was founded in 2008

More than 4,262,000 students have benefited from the Royal initiative ' A million school bags ", for the current school season, the State Secretary for higher education and scientific research, Khalid S.Of the project ' A million school bags ' presented by the Authenticity and Modernity Group, reported that 46% of the girls that Samadi Khalid of this initiative have used.The Secretary has indicated that since the school season 2016-2017 the recruitment of the necessary stocks is entrusted to the Ministry of the Interior. In the context of a partnership agreement for the realization of the Royal initiative, closed by a group of institutional partners on 11 August 2016.Article 4 of this partnership agreement stipulates that nine institutional partners commit themselves to a total of 390 million Dirham per year to transfer to the National Human Development Support Fund that is open to the General Treasury, report Lefr360