Games: ' v Atlas Lions practice in Turin against Serbia '

The Moroccan Football Federation FRMF moves away from the exhibition poster to the Italian Turin, initially one would the Serbs in London.

With a Moroccan bond that few brings out, it remained the last period at guessing at where the A-squad was going to practice against their Serbian opponent. Where there was previously spoken about Belgrade, later became known that both teams went together in London. Last night made the Moroccan sports channel Arryadia an end to these rumors, the battleground for this exhibition poster series will Turin.

On Friday 23 March, the team of national coach Herve Renard opposite the Serbs, less than 4 days later, already the second exhibition game on the program. Uzbekistan, Morocco will receive at home the game port for this take is the Stade Mohammed V in Casablanca.

Both matches will be shown live on the Moroccan sports channel Arryadia, Morocco-Serbia has the poster for the transmitter the exclusive broadcasting rights in possession. The exact times will also be announced in due course.

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