Mayor wants measures after fatal shooting on Moroccan Amsterdammer

Mayor Jozias van Aartsen of Amsterdam wants to rapid measures after a shooting in a Community Center which a boy was killed.

Van Aartsen says in a statement to go soon to consult with police and Public Ministry to come up with measures to the situation in the area (the Eastern Islands). 17-year-old trainee of the Community Center Wittenburg to the large White citizen Street was shot there Friday. "I understand the anxiety and fear that are caused by this ruthless shooting. Sure because so many children were present in the Youth Centre, "said Van Aartsen in a statement. "All those present and witnesses who require help, get that too. This type of firearm violence is a very serious disturbance of public order. Locals must feel safe in their own neighborhood. "

By the shooting were also two other young people injured. A 19-year-old man and another intern, a twenty year old woman. The man is now out of danger. He touched on a previous shooting on 23 november last year even though injured. He is known to police and justice; the 17-year-old fatality was not, police said.

The woman stood behind the bar during the shooting and was wounded on her legs. According to the police is they probably accidentally hit.

In the Community Center, the police found several bullet impacts and she calls it a miracle that no other children or attendees. The police spoke earlier of a "criminally related" incident in which the shooters targeted someone were looking for. From initial investigation has shown that the perpetrators have called someone a name or names to who they were looking for.