CHAN 2018: Lions v/d Atlas see attractive premiums meet contest

A fine addition to the mostly skinny annual salary of the Botola Pro-internationals!

If we are to believe the Moroccan media Le360 the team by head coach Jamal Sachdeva soon on a significant amount of premiums go contest. The selection that occurred last night in the Stade Mohammed V managed to secure a ticket to the semifinal of the CHAN 2018 gets alone for this flow as much as $400,000. On top of that would be a premium of the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF, this amounts to about 300,000 allegedly dirham per selection player. If the team of Sachdeva succeed the title of this edition to take, then one can alone from the African football CAF the main prize of a whopping $1.25 million.

Also from the side of the bond will pamper the internationals, the amount involved is not yet published.

After tonight we will know with which team the Lions v/d Atlas must measure for a place in the final battle to the CHAN 20:30 (Dutch time) to 2018 title, namely Libya and Congo against each other take. this final will be on the 31st of this month , just like the semi-finals, finished in the Stade Mohammed V.