Nora Gharib thanks K3 for role in Man

Nora Gharib has her starring role in the Flemish-Dutch action movie Powerhouse said it due to the quest K3 are looking for K3.

For the role of Badia, the only girl in a group of friends from Antwerp who their noses stuck in high profile drugs business, she had to be the brave girls image shake.

"People who have seen the film believe their ears not that I've participated in K3 are looking for K3. I think that's pretty cool, "says Nora. "The makeup does have helped. They signed bags under my eyes and I smoked a fake joint. "

Nora kicked the two years ago to the semifinal of K3 are looking for K3. That was the springboard which eventually led to her vlogs and this acting debut, she argues. She tells that Director Adil El Arbi approached her because they had made a video in which well-known Flemish as she talked about her relationship with her Ghanaian partner Anson and the difficulties that a mixed relationship.

"I'm Moroccan, he is Ghanaian. We had in the beginning difficulties and people had commented. Also my parents had it difficult. Adil has seen the video and my story spoke to him. He got the prompting me to offer a film roll. He knew I had been through a lot, that I've gotten over me many Saeed and that I don't give a shit can care what people think about us. This is very important for the role of Badia, which in the film a black friend. I have gone through all the comments on a mixed relationship, it's my life, "says Nora, who last year married her" impossible love ".

The debutant got on the set of the gangster film much acting tips from the Director and lead actor Matteo Simoni. "I have also asked. I love criticism ", she says. Now she wants to continue acting. "I still have a small role in the second season of the series The Team that will soon be in Flanders on tv. So much fun. "

Man is based on the Madrigal-war between gangs in Antwerp and Amsterdam. "Antwerp is the cokehoofdstad of Europe. Everything is based on true things, "says Nora. "I recognize in the film the stereotype around Moroccans. But the directors have the freedom to zoom. In the film is also a Moroccan who is a lawyer and a Moroccan that faith is. And a total innocent Moroccan mother who understands nothing of what her children are up to and a little less brave father. There are several storylines. "

Nora had to go through her family do have a threshold be helped to a gangster girl to play. "I come from K3, I don't smoke, I don't drink. I am in my life but have been twice to a nightclub and I found nothing about it. I am a house sparrow. I also had to learn that the acting went to. I saw myself all in the drug environment, end up with shooting, blood and much ranting. I warned my mother when I ran through the script with her. My family members found that but silly of me. That is, after all, acting! But I had no experience and felt no actress. For me felt like I was in a strange world was thrown. Now it's all over I realize only too well that it is all acted. "

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