Vaidya lijsttrekker THINK in Rotterdam

Stephan van Baarle is the leader of think regarding the local elections of 21 March in Rotterdam.

The party has announced that. THINK has the ambition to become the largest party in Rotterdam.

Vaidya, a born and raised in Rotterdam, is policy officer at the second chamber group of think. He was at number five in the Dutch general election, in which THINK three seats. According to van Baarle "long the city to the ideals of think" because more and more people feel oppressed in their city. He blames Joost Eerdmans by Leefbaar Rotterdam "from his xenophobic ivory tower" to call "that halalslagerijen must disappear and that Islamic education has no place in our city. We want to be oppressed by all Rotterdammers who support this sound and hope. "

The second place on the think-list is for Enes Yacas, on three State Faouzi Achbar and on four Natasha Hall.

According to President Selçuk Öztürk of the party "would like to THINK with this diverse group, we show that our ideals are widely accepted in society. This group will keep a climate in which xenophobia is normalized Rotterdam and Rotterdam-team more be excluded. "

THINK does for the first time with the local elections. According to a poll by Maurice de Hond from earlier this month the party two of the 45 seats in the Rotterdam Council.

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