UN: Rohingya risk by monsoon rains

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are exposed to considerable risks as the rainy season comes.

Researchers concluded that sure 100,000 people according to the United Nations to be moved because of the threat of landslides and floods in the monsoon season.

About 688,000 Rohingya are since last August from Myanmar fled to Bangladesh. Aid workers warn that the facilities in the crowded refugee camps often seriously lacking.

From a United Nations report also shows that some places where refugees have settled down are not fit for human habitation. "The expected floods and landslides in the coming monsoon season make a bad situation even worse."

Not only natural phenomena threaten the displaced Rohingya. Aid agencies are also trying to prevent outbreaks of disease in the camps. So hundreds of thousands of Rohingya vaccinated against cholera. From the United Nations report shows that more and more refugees now become infected with mumps.