Demonstration in Rabat for press freedom

The demonstration took place in court in Rabat where at that time a hearing of four journalists took place.

One hundred journalists, activists and trade unionists protested Thursday in the Court of Rabat to defend the freedom of the press and supported four journalists who tried to publish information was considered confidential.

"Freedom of expression is a red stripe!", chanted the protesters while the process against the persecuted journalists had published excerpts of debates at the end of 2016 began a Parliamentary Inquiry Committee dedicated to colossal deficit of the Moroccan pension funds.

The hearing has been moved to March 8, due to the absence of one of the suspects. "We are seeing a worrying increase in the number of journalists that is being persecuted," said Abdellah Babu, President of the Moroccan national press syndicate (SNPM). "This lawsuit is unique: we are persecuted for the transmission of accurate information," said one of the journalists, of the daily newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum Abdelhak Belachgar, to AFP. "We be prosecuted according to criminal law provisions relating to professional secrecy and not according to the press code, it is an attack on freedom of the press," he added.

The new press code, which no longer provides for prison sentences, came into force in August 2016, but journalists are still being prosecuted on the basis of the Penal Code, reports a recent report by the human rights organisation. Human Rights Watch (HRW). Freedom Now also, be on the transfer of "provisions which deprive journalists of freedom" in the Moroccan Penal Code.

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