More control after shooting Community Center Amsterdam

The next time there is additional supervision in the Amsterdam neighbourhood where a shooting took place Friday night in a Community Center.

So will there be a mobile police station in the neighborhood and there are more agents on the street. Also be more street coaches and enforcement officers deployed and on some places additional camera surveillance.

That has acting Mayor Jozias van Aartsen agreed with the police and the public prosecution service (OM). Goes there a delegate on behalf of the Mayor in the neighborhood getting started who will deal with the security and social issues in this neighborhood, the Eastern Islands. According to Van Aartsen include mention of trafficking in narcotic drugs, he says in an interview with the local station AT5. It calls on local residents to report on, above all, what they know.

By the shooting 17-year-old Mohammed came to life. He was not known by the police and it is suspected that he was not the intended target. De recherche does here is currently investigating. The perpetrators had possible supplier on the nineteen-year-old Gianni, who was hit in his neck. He had surgery and is out of danger. This man, who is still in a hospital, was in november even though victim of a shooting. He is known to the police and the judiciary.

A twenty year old woman hit by shooting wounded in her legs. She worked behind the bar as an intern and police suspect that they accidentally hit.

The so-called triangle of municipality, police and calls the shooting "heartbreaking".

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