Morocco protects local products against unfair competition

The Minister of economy and finance discussed Friday a number of important issues during a Conference in Rabat.

State measures relating to Turkish products, Morocco's relations with the Gulf States and the flexibility of the dirham were the issues that were dealt with by the Minister of economy and finance during a conference Friday in Rabat was held.

Morocco's economic market is open to products from countries with which the Kingdom bound by free trade agreements (more than 55), but also goods from countries that have not signed these agreements, which the national does not prevent authorities to enforce the law concerning the huge supply of foreign products. These are the words of Mohamed Balhas, Minister of economy and finance, at a press conference in Rabat Friday, referring to the latest government measures for Turkish products, reports the daily newspaper Assabah in their weekend edition.

According to the publication said the Minister also that the ban on high-quality, reasonably priced Turkish clothing is anything but a political decision. He explained that his decision to Morocco the World Trade Organisation (WTO) had informed the Chair and its Turkish partners informed of the need to the threshold for its exports in this respect compared to Morocco. An approach that followed the protests of Moroccan textile manufacturers who complained about unfair competition.

During his tour with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita in the Gulf States said Balla that good relations of King Mohammed VI with the heads of State of the Gulf States have allowed the Kingdom a donation for development projects to receive.

With regard to the banks that had committed financial speculation by 44 billion dirham currency to buy before the start of the flexibility of the dirham, Balhas said that the Foreign Exchange Office had opened an investigation. He noted in passing that there is no general devaluation of the dirham was, but a progressive liberalisation.

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