Moroccan cities: Safi

In the series with Moroccan cities today we focus the spotlight on Safi.

Safi is a city in Western Morocco located on the Atlantic Ocean on the surface of . It is the capital of the Doukala-Abda region and the province of Safi.

Safi is as a natural fishing port on the place where the river flows out into the Atlantic Ocean. The city is known as one of the most important fishing port for the sardine industry of the country. The beaches have an impressive branding and the coastal routes are known by surfers, the population was 308,508 in 2014.

The first inhabitants of Safi were the  Zij felt safe in this natural harbour and established themselves here, later the Romans, who were in power here a long time.

In the early 16th century (1508), the Portuguese came to the fishing town and built a fort, but their stay on Safi was short-lived, because in 1541 the city was voluntarily evacuated. In the 17th century, the French established a Consulate to the port and they were responsible for the signing of trade agreements with the local rulers. In the 19th century hit the port in great decay, in the 20th century came to an end when a large fishing fleet from here started with its activities, since then, Safi an important fishing town.

famous ceramics is showcased in this huge shopping center and Gallery. The Earth ovens and chimneys of the des are clearly seen from Bab Chaaba located on the edge of the medina. The method used in making ceramics used is mostly traditional. You can walk and see the many ceramic works. Do you like creativity, then there is also the possibility to attend the production process. Passion and skill of the craftsmen is what you can expect in this craft complex of potters.
Safi's medieval walled medina consists of two parts split by the main street, Rue du , which Lamaasa to the northeast of Bab Bab runs and full of shops. On the South side of this street, in a winding Lane, lie the remains of the 16 century cathedral that used to be built by the Portuguese. Do you like shopping, you can visit the many shops in the Medina and in the meantime admire the architecture and history of Safi.
The Atlantic coast is under the surf lovers no unknown place, Safi or Asfi is often used as a first operating base to a surf adventure to begin. The best time to ride the waves is from november to February, you can also enjoy a breath of fresh air during a walk along the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset.
el Located on the waterfront, above the port, Dar el is the the most important Portuguese remnant in Safi. The impressive fort was formerly built by the Portuguese during their short stay in Safi to the Governor of the city to accommodate and was later used as a fortress and prison. The fort was restored in 1963 and looks pretty impressive. The central courtyard are some 17th century Spanish and Dutch cannons that to the sea. Do you like history. then it is definitely worth a visit. Climb to the roof of the prison tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the medina and the port.

is a solid Portuguese built fort with ramps, courtyards, and living spaces. It housed the modern prison of the city until 1990 but is now restored as the National ceramics Museum. Do you like art, then it is interesting to visit the museum in order to get a picture of the history of Safi. Exhibits include a collection of local ceramics and pottery art, also there may be British cannons, and Portuguese coats of arms.

Do you like camping? Then Safi here great for. There are camping grounds where you can rent a tent or camper and a quiet or adventure holiday at the camp site can have. There are also special summer camps organized.

eat Safi is famous for its sardines, have a meal at the many restaurants and enjoy freshly caught sardines.

Street art is common in Safi, if you like art, you can walk through the streets that often have beautiful paintings and the beautiful work.

Skate park in Safi
There is a large skate park in Safi where you relax and child can be, pull out your skates and see if you're not lost his touch. Be careful with showing you skate moves, a hefty val is so made and not conducive to your holiday. Would you like the gamble not venture to skating than is watching the young people who Skate also a pretty face.

Safi has a Mediterranean climate, are you looking for a holiday in the Sun and you can well against the heat than the summer months are ideal. Would you rather cool off and less warm weather, then the months of March and april here is the most appropriate for.

If you go for the high waves and a surf break than are november February the most appropriate surf months because the wind than is ideal.

Safi has an airport, Safi Airport. De city has a train station, bus network and taxis. There are also plenty of opportunities to rent a car.

Morocco has so much beauty and features beautiful spots, more on this next week in the next city!

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