How Orlando Bloom crashed on the formula E-circuit in Marrakech (video)

While the actor for his birthday in Marrakech was, tried Orlando Bloom the formula E-circuit. His experience ended in a guardrail.

For his 41st birthday got the Hollywood Star Orlando Bloom a weekend racing offered in Marrakech. After a tour with Sam Bird at the wheel of the BMW i8 that if Safety Car on Marrakech E-Prix acted, the actor himself took place behind the wheel on the Formula E-circuit of Marrakech.

That went only not quite as planned and the actor crashed his car after a turn against a guardrail. Bloom ran fortunately no injuries on myself and could laugh about it.

[video = youtube; fgG3W4-Tm1I] time_continue = 92 & v = fgG3W4-Tm1I [/video]

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