Rabat: Ex-police officer Mr. Muscle sentenced to 1 year imprisonment

Ex-policeman Hicham Mellouli received yesterday a prison sentence of one year imposed for assault and attempted rape.

The Court of appeal in Rabat yesterday has a sentence of a year and a suspended sentence of a year in favour of ex-policeman Hicham Mellouli for assault and attempted rape.

Mellouli is also known as Mr. Muscle because of its countless online photos and videos in which he shows his muscles. Mellouli was previously suspended by the Directorate-General for the national Security (DGSN). That were soft said not to talk about some videos that Mellouli on social media spread, in which he among other confiscated knives or drugs.

The examining magistrate of the Court of appeal in Rabat at the beginning of October 2017 had the arrest of the police officer Hall Mellouli ordered for alleged abduction and rape. This followed after a complaint from two girls who said to have been kidnapped and raped by him under threat of a knife. DGSN took the complaint seriously and started an investigation under the supervision of the public prosecutor's Office.

hicham mellouli
mr. muscle