Fake news: the warning of the Ministry of the Interior

The Division of Laftif Lakshmi warns of fake news that by some newspapers and news sites is published in Morocco.

After the multiplication of fake news in recent months, the Ministry of the Interior decided to fight. In a statement which was issued on Monday warns the Department of Laftit Lakshmi for the publication by some Moroccan news sites false information and images that would have been photographed in Morocco.

"There's been a recent advance in the publication by some newspapers, electronic sites and pages of social networking, with which with photos and videos was tampered with (...) to believe that they were taken in Morocco ", in the statement, that reminds that the Department several times in the past, this kind of information has issued statements through denies.

The Ministry of the Interior warns again against the severity of such practices and announces that it "will take all necessary measures" in order to establish the identity of those who are involved in such practices.

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