' Good hope ' on Rails in getaway car Amsterdam

The Amsterdam recherche has " good hope " that the car that has been used by the perpetrators of the fatal shooting in an Amsterdam Community Center usable tracks.

That became clear Tuesday night in tv programme missing person. The BMW was after 17-year-old Mohammed b. was found burning on the Dante Street shot dead in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The fire brigade to extinguish the fire knew pretty quickly.

Before the shooting, the car in the same neighborhood. The police hopes that witnesses there people have seen, or that there are images of his.

In the broadcast repeated a police woordvoerster that the victim was not known by the police. "From all the stories is the picture of a very sweet and concerned boy. For example, refugees work abroad he has done. "

The police think that the perpetrators were looking "for a specific person or specific persons" and look under more the role of the nineteen-year-old Gianni, who was wounded. He was shot down in november last year.

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