The trial of Ahed Tamimi goes on 6 February

Ahed Tamimi's lawsuit in an Israeli military court will be started on 6 February, the lawyer for the Palestinian teen reported yesterday.

The trial was originally scheduled to start today, on her seventeenth birthday, according to lawyer Tamimi's. She is being sued for sedition, threat of soldiers and throwing stones. Ahed Tamimi has become a symbol for the Palestinian resistance.

Ahed Tamimi was arrested on 19 december after a viral video which shows that they two Israeli soldiers on the occupied West Bank kicks and strikes. The footage was filmed in the village of Nabi Saleh for the House of Tamimi. On the video shows that Israeli soldiers enter the yard of the family Tamimi and Ahed and her 21-year-old niece Nour the soldiers make it clear that they are not welcome on the property of the family. The video of the incident that her mother put online, goes viral. Two days later, Ahed.

In addition to her cousin Nour Hamad her mother also appears in the video and both are also arrested. Nour Tamimi was released on bail, but the Israeli military court decided to Ahed Tamimi and her mother to their lawsuit to keep in detention. Nariman Tamimi also will be tried starting from February 6, their lawyer said.

The Israeli army confirmed the postponement of the hearing.

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