Morocco and Turkey on the way to a partnership in the field of jewelry

Morocco and Turkey came together to discuss the possibilities for a partnership in the field of jewelry.

The Minister of Crafts and social economy, Jamila El Moussali, and the Turkish Ambassador in Rabat, Ethem Barkan Öz, discussed Monday 29 January the possibilities of a partnership in the field of jewelry.

El Moussali has indicated that this meeting is aimed at technical cooperation in the field of jewelry.

In this sense, El Moussali on notice that more and more young people choose a training in the jewelry industry for training and qualification centres in the craft professions. "A partnership with Turkey can open new doors for Moroccan craftsmen," she said.

The Ambassador of Turkey in Morocco said that the meeting was aimed to exchange knowledge and know-how between professionals from both countries, gives the medium Medias24.