ER-Rich: 32 mud houses collapsed by snow

The recent snowfall in the South of Morocco provides beautiful landscape images on, but also for the local inhabitants has a downside.

No less than 32 houses have collapsed over the past two days in the city There-Rich, province of Errachidia.  Another 160 mud houses threaten to collapse as a result of the heavy snowfall in different parts of the province of Errachidia, report local sources.

Local sources also report that nearly 350 families live in mud houses that threaten to collapse and run the risk to be homeless.

Inhabitants of this region and civil society actors, the alarm bell and called the authorities to intervene urgently to help the families at risk.

And not just in There-Rich snow caused problems for the local inhabitants. Anthony Paul Bouhoute, President of Ouarzazate's Provincial Tourism Council stated to yabiladi: "many roads in the County are closed because of the heavy snow". The road Tizi n'Tichka, which the South-East of the region of Marrakech-Safi with the city of Ouarzazate, is also affected by the heavy snow and the road is in some places almost impassable.

"The roads that connect with Ait Sawen Zagora are also closed," said Bouhoute, adding that Sekoura, 40 km from Ouarzazate, a city also is closed by the snow.

In addition to these roads, Bouhoute said that flights that are expected to land at the international airport of Ouarzazate, either delayed or canceled because of the same climate phenomenon.

In the County the snow also trouble Zagoura, also there are villages closed and the local inhabitants have trouble getting their mud houses. The locals pick up as much as possible the snow from the roofs, so that they do not collapse. Most homes also experience pollution caused by melt water which flows through the roofs.