Mosque bulges out for shot dead Mohammed

Hundreds of people yesterday in the Amsterdam Nasr mosque met for a service that was the shot dead Mohammed B.

The interest in the noon prayer and connecting service was so great that some had to stand outside. 17-year-old Muhammad came to life Friday by a shooting in a neighborhood Center to the large Witten civil Street.

Among the attendees were many young people who personally knew the victim. They told that their friend the Nasr mosque visited each week for Friday prayers. A coffin with the remains of Bali was carried in the service to. His funeral is expected to end this week in Morocco.

Balk died Friday after hooded men a neighborhood Center within ran and opened fire. He was not known by the police and it is suspected that he was not the intended target. In the shooting were also a 19-year-old man and 20-year-old woman injured. Over thirty Detectives are investigating the case.