German PRE-TTL is going to build a factory of 8 million euro in Tanger

PRE-TTL, a German company that produces sensors and components for cars, has announced that a new factory in Tangiers in the city builds with an investment of 8 million euro.

According to the data that were presented during the ceremony Tuesday 30 January, which was held to lay the first stone, it is expected that the factory will create 800 jobs and has the ability to produce 30 million units in the long term.

The first part of this project, which will be built on an area of 26,000 m2, will be completed next year and will produce 15 million units, while the second part will be ready for the same production capacity in 2021, Yabiladi reports.

At the ceremony said the Director of the PRE-TTL-group, Erhart pre-TTL: "We have the capabilities and human resources in Morocco found that we were looking for to meet the changes with which the car industry is facing", where he the emphasis laid on the revolution that currently prevails in the industry of electric cars, batteries and digital technologies.