Jerada: demonstrations after new dead by illegal coal mine collapse

A 36-year-old miner died today by the collapse of an illegal coal mine in the Hassi Belal area near Jerada.

Diana Abderrahmane El Gharbi, a 34-year-old miner and father of three, died today (1 February) by the collapse of an illegal coal mine in the Hassi Baby area. Three other seriously injured miners were rescued and brought to the Al Farabi hospital in Oujda, said Brahim Chikham, a freelance journalist in Jerada.

According to the same source directly this afternoon demonstrations took place in various parts of the city and there is also a sit-in planned after Al Asr prayer for the Head Office of the province. A video of a demonstration this afternoon is shown here:

Jerada lives to the rhythm of protests since the death of two miners at the end of december 2016, the brothers Hamlyn and Jedouane Dioui, respectively 23 and 30 years old, after the collapse of a clandestine my.

The city is historically known for its coal mining since the years 1920 was operated. The mines of Jerada formed a source of activity for the inhabitants of the city before their closure in July 2000 as a result of the increase in the cost of extraction, which more and more untenable in the light of the international price.

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